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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Are tastings included?


Yes. You will have a reserved tasting at each stop.


2. What is the largest group size? 


We can accommodate up to 22 guests in one vehicle and 60+ guests across our fleet.


3. Is lunch included? 


Lunch is not included but we do budget time at a winery with a great restaurant where you can order lunch if you wish.  Lunch is highly recommended as their is a lot of wine of on the tours.


4. What wineries do we visit? 


Our partners include:


Hinterland Wine Company

Norman Hardie Winery

Harwood Estate Vineyards & Winery

Closson Chase Vineyards

Stock & Row is also an excellent stop to mix in to a tour. Just ask and we can substitute it in for you. 


5. What breweries are included on the Brewery Tour? 



Gillingham Brewing 

Prince Eddies Brewing

Stock & Row


6. Do you provide transportation services other than wine tours? 




7. Is alcohol permitted inside the vehicles?


No. Section 32(1) of Ontario's Liquor Licence Act (LLA) states that no one is permitted to drive or have control of a motor vehicle while there is opened and readily available liquor in the vehicle.

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