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5 Tips For A Perfect Bachelorette Party in Prince Edward County

Alright, so you have decided to come to Prince Edward County for your upcoming bachelorette Party (check!). You have booked your accommodations (check!) and your wine tour with County Limo Co (check!). You want this to be the most memorable weekend of the year (besides the wedding day, of course), but you’re not sure where to go from here.

Well, that’s where we come in! We are County Baches, your bachelorette party fairy godmothers, and we have compiled our top tips and tricks for planning the perfect bachelorette weekend in Prince Edward County.

5. Choose your bachelorette party theme

It may seem like an obvious place to start, but it’s a crucial step! Having a clever, fun, and photo worthy theme will create a great base for your decor, games, drinks and overall weekend vibe. Pick a theme that you know the bride will love (double check with her if you aren’t sure!) and get creative!

A few themes we love:

  • Tropical (beach vibes are perfect for the County)

  • Final Fiesta

  • Barbie

  • Boho

  • Disco

Bachelorette weekend Prince Edward County

Now that you have a theme, it’s time to brainstorm what type of decor you need. Decide on the colour scheme and start to gather decor that will bring your theme to life. Here’s a list of the essentials:

  • Balloons galore

  • Photo backdrop

  • Boozy Bar (make it specific to your theme, like a margarita bar for a final fiesta!)

  • Cups / tumblers (even better, make them customized!)

  • Signage / Itineraries

  • Goodies for the bride or Goodie Bags customized for the whole crew

Need some ideas and inspiration for your Prince Edward County bachelorette? Check out our Instagram page! And don’t be afraid to come up with a unique theme specific for your bride.

4. Be Prepared With Activities (But Don’t Overschedule)

We know that one of the main reasons for having your bachelorette party in the County is for the luxurious wine tour, BUT you will also want to make sure you have lots of activities and games to keep momentum going.

Here are some of our favourite Prince Edward County Bachelorette activities (outside of wineries, of course):

  • Book an appointment at Anice Jewellery to get permanent jewelry like bracelets and anklets - this is a great activity for a more sentimental bride

  • Shop the main streets of Bloomfield, Picton or Wellington for some adorable boutiques and shops

  • Looking for a spa? We personally love Bloomfield Beauty Co. in Bloomfield, or The Main Character in Picton

  • Book a private yoga session with @yogawithmikenzie (she even does goat yoga!!)

Bachelorette game tours party

You will also want to have games handy for downtime at your Airbnb. Bring some board games or get creative and make one that is specific to your theme/the bride! We created the County Baches board game, which has been a total hit with our clients.

3. Consider Gifts for the Bride (or Goodie Bags for everyone!)

You want the bride-to-be to feel like a QUEEN, so a great way to make it extra special is to have surprises set up throughout the weekend. Here are a few ideas to get your creative wheels spinning:

  • Decked out bridal suite

  • Personalized t-shirt, sweater or pajama set

  • Gag gifts! (It wouldn’t be a bachelorette party without a cowboy hat veil, or underwear covered with the face of her fiancé)

  • Customized denim jacket (what girl doesn’t love a Canadian tuxedo!)

  • Hangover kit (eye / face masks, silk scrunchies, candles, shower bombs)

bride Bachelorette bed party

Make sure you plan ahead, and don’t overlook the details that will make the bride feel extra special!

2. Don’t forget about the Fiancé!

There are some elements of a traditional bachelorette party that we love, and this is one of them. Try to incorporate the fiancé in some way - and don’t be afraid to get creative with it!

Bachelorette party table

From something like a cute video message to play at the beginning of the weekend, to hilarious ‘face on a stick’ props scattered around the AirBnb - helping the bride’s partner feel like a part of the festivities (and reminding the bride why she is getting married in the first place) is always a cute touch.

1. Hire The County Baches!

Does all of this seem a bit overwhelming? Well, then leave it all to us! We are here to take the stress off of your County Bach Bash weekend. From helping plan your itinerary (or providing suggestions!), to making your Airbnb HELLA CUTE before you arrive. We are your bachelorette party planning besties.

We have multiple packages available depending on your budget, and have fun add-ons like custom t-shirts, goodie bags, a boozy bar and the option to stock your fridge before you get here. We have partnered with many local PEC businesses and offer our clients exclusive discounts.

Your wildest dreams become our ultimate goal - and no ask is too big. Give us a shout at, follow us on Instagram at @countybaches, or check out our website, and we will help make your dream Bachelorette party a reality!


Erika & Emily

(Your County Baches)


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